Stained glass windows math projects

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Stained Glass Window Project Teaching Resources

To make your own Stained-Glass window in your class, follow the steps below: STEP 1: Choose at least 3 equations from each group. The first group of lines are vertical lines while the second group of lines. are horizontal
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This is a bundle for all of my 8th Grade Math Stained Glass Activities. This bundle includes the following math concepts:1.) Solving Two-Step Equations2.) Solving Two-Step Equations with

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Stain Glass Linear Equations Project Teaching Resources

Then, fill the lines in with a hot glue gun, paint over the design when dry, and viola – a classy stained glass window any card player will appreciate. Get the full instructions for this Easy

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Slope Stained Glass Window Project

stained glass window graphing project is also available in the following packages at a discount: 1) middle school math lessons, projects, and games ebook (42 engaging math activities - 438