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Randeep Bajwa. Randeep finds Abacus a wonderful medium for a better understanding of numbers. It puts children in a very systematic approach to learning in general and each Abacus

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When you find new toys and puzzles in Super Math World, there are no set solutions. Instead, we let creativity blossom as you find your own way to your next level. Research shows that
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Edgar Council

This app is really awesome. Understandable, but this may prove to be a problem for some. This app is so good especially in math equations when I don't know how to work it out they help me through step by step.

David Parsley

I'm really glad I found it and I'm forver grateful to the creators, nice app it's useful for all age categories I am a school student It is useful for me to find to slove the difficult sums … in mathematics but too much of ads that's why but it's useful for all categories.


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Super Maths World

Super Math World is a community-based gaming platform that publishes educational games. Super Math World is a developer of proprietary, high performance server clustering

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How to play Math Wordle. 1. The game is quite simple if you understand the rules. Your goal is to guess which mathematical equation was hidden. It consists of the same number of characters

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