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Ten unusual maths words

Let z = r(cos (θ) + ısin (θ).Thenzn = [r(cos (θ) + ısin (θ)]n = rn(cos (nθ) + ısin (nθ), where n is any positive integer. A complex number z = r(cos (θ) + ısin (θ) has exactly nn th roots given by the

List of mathematical jargon

Complex fraction – A fraction that contains a fraction or fractions in the numerator and/or denominator. Congruent – Exactly the same. Identical in regard to size and shape. Coordinate

What are some cool and unique math terms or theorems the

Complex number \mathbb{C}, \Complex ℂ U+2102: ℍ Quaternion \mathbb{H}, \mathbb{H} ℍ U+210D: ℕ Natural number \mathbb{N}, \N ℕ U+2115: 𝕆

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Mathwords A to Z

Argument of a Complex Number. Argument of a Function. Argument of a Vector. Arithmetic. Arithmetic Mean. Arithmetic Progression. Arithmetic Sequence. Arithmetic Series. Arm of an

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Math Glossary: Mathematics Terms and Definitions

A reference to a standard or choice-free presentation of some mathematical object (e.g., canonical map, canonical form, or canonical ordering). The same term can also be used more