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Like Terms

A term can be a number, a variable, product of two or more variables or product of a number and a variable. An algebraic expression is formed by a single term or by a group of terms. For

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Identifying Like Terms

2. Find Like Terms in the Expression n(n + 1) + 6 (n – 1). Ans: First write the expression in the simplest form then we can identify the like items. After solving bracket terms we get, n 2 + n +

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3.4 Combining Like Terms Example 1

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Identifying Like Terms in Algebra (Key Stage 3)

Identify the like terms in the following expression: 15m + 2n – 4m + n +12m. Solution. Step 1: Like terms consist of same variables raised to same exponents. Step 2: The following are like terms

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Combining like terms review (article)

first Like Terms Like terms are terms whose variables (and their exponents such as the 2 in x 2) are the same. In other words, terms that are like each other. Note: the coefficients (the