3 Ways to Find the Length of the Hypotenuse

Use the Pythagorean theorem to calculate the hypotenuse from right triangle sides. Take a square root of sum of squares: c = √ (a² + b²) Given

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What Is the Hypotenuse Formula? Examples

Find the hypotenuse length of the triangle below. Given legs a = 15 and b = 20: c 2 = 15 2 + 20 2 c 2 = 625 c = 25 So, the hypotenuse length is 25. It is also possible to find the hypotenuse of a triangle given a side and an angle of the triangle

How do I calculate the hypotenuse of a triangle?

Python Basic: Exercise-60 with Solution. Write a Python program to calculate the hypotenuse of a right angled triangle. From Wikipedia, A right triangle or right-angled triangle, or more formally an orthogonal triangle, is a

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Triangle Hypotenuse Calculator

Here we know the length of the side ( a = 3 and b = 4). If we substitute it into the formula, we get: And by taking the square root on both sides, we figure out that the hypotenuse c = 5! Summary for Finding the Hypotenuse

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