Calculus II

This is the first of 21 videos, each of which is devoted to solving a 'basic' integral problem. I have assumed that you have watched the previous videos in

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Function Integration by Partial Fractions

There are two types of fraction integrals you might come across. Fractions where the denominator is factorisable and fractions where it is not. So first try and factorise the

Integration by Partial Fractions

∫cos (x) dx = sin (x) + C But a lot of this reversing has already been done (see Rules of Integration ). Example: What is ∫ x 3 dx ? On Rules of Integration there is a Power Rule that says: ∫ x n dx = xn+1 n+1 + C We can use that rule with n=3:

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Integration Techniques

This video will teach you how to add fractions. Learning how to add like fractions is easy, but it is just as easy to learn how to add unlike fractions. This quick method will show you

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