Partial fraction expansion (practice)

Solution) Let's solve the given question using types of partial fractions, From the partial fractions formula, We can say I = So now we get, A (3 - 2x)+ B (x + 2) = x We get the following, 3 - 2x=0

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Partial Fractions

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Partial Fractions

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Partial Fraction Decomposition

Step 1: Factor the bottom. Step 2: Write one partial fraction for each of those factors. Step 3: Multiply through by the bottom so we no longer have fractions. Step 4: Now find the constants

Partial fractions

Partial Fractions Solved Examples. Problem 1: Decompose the following expression into partial fractions. \( \frac{2x+1}{\left(x+1\right)\left(x-2\right)} \) Solution: