Volume of a cylinder equation

Volume = Base × Height. We know that a cylinder has circular bases, so the area of the base is equal to π r ², where r is the radius. Therefore, the formula for the volume of a cylinder is: V = π r 2 × h. where r is the length of the cylinder’s

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Volume of a Cylinder

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Cylinder Volume Formula

A cylinder is $(x-a)^2+(y-a)^2=r^2$ with axis at $z$. I don't see where the '$z$' is in the equation. The book (calc 3) I'm using mentions the equation works for any $z$, but I don't see where the $z$ output is in the equation
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Circular Cylinder Calculator

θ = 0, [θ is the angle of the force to the direction of movement] W = F × Cos θ × d = 300× 5× Cos 0 = 1500J [Since Cos 0 = 1] Answer: The amount of work done by the force in moving the object

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