How do I graph a circle on a TI-84?

How do I graph a circle on a TI-84? Use polar or parametric graphing mode. In polar mode, the equation of a circle centered at the origin is r (theta) = the radius, for theta on [0, 2 pi).

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Solution 11761: Graphing a Circle on a TI Graphing Calculator.

To graph the unit circle (x 2 +y 2 =1), first, solve for y, and then input the results into the Y= Editor. If the graph looks like an oval, use the Zoom Square feature followed by Zoom In or Zoom Out
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How to Graph a Circle on the TI-84 Plus CE

When you have finished entering the equations, press the [graph] button. As soon as this button is pressed, your calculator will get to work drawing your equations on the graph
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Graphing Circles

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