How to multiply fraction

This can help the student to understand the problem and How to multiply fraction.

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Math Antics

What about multiplying fractions and whole numbers? Make the whole number a fraction, by putting it over 1. Example: 5 is also 5 1. Then continue as before. Example: 2 3 × 5. Make 5 into

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Multiplying Fractions

Multiplying fractions: When a fraction is multiplied by another fraction the resultant is a fraction or a whole number. We know, a fraction has two parts: numerator and
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3 Ways to Multiply Fractions With Whole Numbers

Solve: ⁵⁄₃ × ⁷⁄₆ Multiply numerators: 5 × 7 = 35 Multiply denominators: 3 × 6 = 18 New fraction: ³⁵⁄₁₈. If students are familiar with mixed fractions, they can change the improper fraction to a mixed one. In this case

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This video provides you an unbelievably easy way to multiply fractions. It answers all your How do I, Is this how and Is this right questions. Kindly h


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Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers

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