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Inequalities Calculator & Solver

Simplify by combining the similar terms on each side of the inequality. Subtract or add quantities to obtain the unknown terms on one side and numbers on the other side. Divide each terms by

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The answer to the equation is 4.

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The inequality calculator simplifies the given inequality. You will get the final answer in inequality form and interval notation. Step 2: Click the blue arrow to submit. Choose Simplify from the

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Inequalities Calculator

Inequality Calculator & Problem Solver Understand Inequality, one step at a time Step by steps for quadratic equations, linear equations and linear inequalities Enter your math expression x2

Inequality Calculator

To use an inequality calculator, follow these simple steps below: Input your mathematical statements into the input fields for the calculator. Make sure to include all

Compound Inequality Calculator

If the same quantity is added to each side of an inequality, the results are unequal in the same order. Example 1 If 5 < 8, then 5 + 2 < 8 + 2. Example 2 If 7 < 10, then 7 - 3 < 10 - 3. 5 + 2 < 8 + 2
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